His Story


Baby steps

Got his first PC and sleepless nights came with it. He spent hours and hours exploring the new technology: "www". Started building web sites for topics of interest.

2000 - 2006

First paid job and freelancing

After years of fun in the playground, he got his first part-time job in 2000 during the 3rd year of his university education in engineering. He had project based jobs as a freelancer between 2000 and 2006.

2006 - 2010

The organic years

He founded an e-commerce company with two partners to sell natural and organic products. In 4 years; they attended 10s of national and international fairs, succesfully dispatched thousands of orders.

2010 - 2015

Team leader and senior developer

He started working as a consulting developer in Dipnot Communications, which then merged with desiBel Agency in 2013 and became one of the leading advertisement agencies in Turkey. By 2015 he was a senior developer and the team leader of developers in desiBel Agency.

2015 - ...

London calling

In November 2015, he founded Potamic Interactive Solutions, a UK web development company. With London becoming the capital of digital businesses, he is planning to provide services to customers worldwide.