4 reasons why Kobo Aura H2O is better than Kindle Paperwhite

There are all the other comparison criteria like front-light, software, online catalog, e-book prices etc. but for me the game changer features have been these 4:

Kobo Aura H2O at the beachSize

Kindle’s standard 6″ might have been an enough reading screen 9 years ago when it’s first released but in today’s world, where the regular smartphone screen is 5.5″, it’s a bit too small. On the other hand, the new Kobo Aura One, which is 7.8″ – the same size as iPad Mini – feels too big for reading and is not convenient to hold in one hand. Kobo Aura H2O is just the right size in between, 6.8″: big enough and not too much. The size of the device (179mm x 129mm) is very similar to a standard paperback book whereas the 6″ e-readers feels like a pocket book.

Water resistance

Obviously, being the model’s name, the device is ready to be used under the rain or if you’re even more adventurous under the shower, in the bathtub or pool. Didn’t try the adventurous modes but in London I’ve been under the rain with my Aura H2O for quite some times and it felt so good. That’s one thing you cannot do with your paperback or Kindle unless you put them in a plastic bag. Sometimes the waterdrops on the screen might cause an irritating warning message but that can be disabled in the settings. You need to dry your screen for best performance afterwards.

Pocket integration!

This might sound irrelevant if you’ve never used Pocket (and if that’s the case you’re missing out – you should start using now) but for someone like me who uses Pocket on a daily basis, being able to read articles from the web on your e-reader is diamond!


Its resolution, 1430 x 1080, 265 dpi, is only slightly lower than Aura One and is more than enough for a comfortable reading experience.

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