Best iOS 9 Feature: Back to the App

Been using iOS 9 Public Beta for a day now and the best thing I liked about it is being able to go back to an app after touching a notification. It might not sound like a big deal – until you experience it.

Let’s say you’re playing Candy Crush and received an Instagram notification (which are the two apps you can’t live if living is without them).

Photo 13-07-15 20 10 01_resized

You touch the notification and Instagram opens as usual, but this time with an option to go back to the previous app.

Notification back to app

You view the details about the notification inside the opened app and when you’re finished, you click the top link to go back what you were doing.

Technically, this saves you 1 home button click compared to iOS 8. But as a user experience, it keeps you more focused to the thing you were doing and treats the notification’s app as a splash window that needs to be closed.

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