Don’t ignore Flickr. It’s actually… Very Good! (as an Everpix alternative)

SM_flickrI’ve ignored Flickr for all my life. And without a sensible reason. Maybe because it was acquired by Yahoo! at a time when Yahoo! was not “cool” anymore. Or maybe I didn’t have the need for such a service at the time, and when I did I had already ignored everything by “Yahoo!” altogether.

When I had my first digital camera back in 2004 and thousands of photos started to accumulate like a small digital mountain, like everyone else back in the day, I started to archive them first on DVDs, then on external hard drives. A few years later, online photo archives, nowadays named “the cloud” came and services like Flickr and Picassa were widely being used. I didn’t have the urge to put my entire photo archive onto some online servers (who knows where the hell in the world they are) until last year when Everpix came into the scene. I was (and still am) using iTunes Match and a similar service for my photos quickly grabbed my attention. Similar, because it was working flawlessly without me being have to do some extra work. I continued to import my photos to Aperture, I kept on taking photos with my phone and iPad and sharing things on Facebook, Instagram etc. and everything was being collected in the background to Everpix. Not just being collected, but organized in a surprisingly good way. Then that sad day, November 5th of 2013, came and Everpix announced the shut down of the service.

Many users, including me, wept. I was not just sad that a service I liked was shutting down, but also as a developer I was sorry for the team. Then, we all started to look for an alternative, googled “Everpix alternatives“. Many were saying that there are some similar services but the best option was to go with Flickr. My sarcastic face came back: “Flickr? a service by Yahoo!?“. I was not so sure and kept on reading the blogs. Although I love to support young developers, I didn’t want to rely on a start-up again.

At the end I realized that;

  • Aperture has built-in Flickr sharing/syncing.
  • Not just Aperture, but also Mac OS X, iOS and Apple TV, they all have Flickr integration. (I’m not an Apple fanboy but let’s face it, if Apple integrates a service, that’s a good sign about that service’s qualifications and overall reliability.)
  • There is a nice iPad app that auto syncs your camera roll.
  • You get 1TB of space which is more than enough for any ordinary people (and there is paid options for professionals).

But still;

  • Interface-wise it’s not even slightly close to Everpix.
  • Plus it doesn’t organize your photos, you still have to create your sets and collections on your own.

So I took the crowd’s advice and started to upload my ~150GB photo archive to Flickr. While they were being uploaded, I set up my integrations and started to browse my photos on, iPad and Apple TV. Everything is so far, so good. I’ll miss Everpix for sure but life goes on.

(As a footnote, I’d like to remind you that Flickr or any other online photo service for that matter are not “backup” solutions. It’s nice to be able to access your photos anytime, anywhere, on any platform but make sure to have some other backups of your photo archive, online or offline.)

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