iCloud Drive Beta Testing

iCloud-DriveI have been using Yosemite Beta at home for some time now. Today, I also installed it on my office computer to test the iCloud Drive features. I had put some files at home and after a while they appeared on my work computer fine. I did the same thing the other way around, put some more files into my iCloud Drive on my office computer and now I’m back on my home computer.

First: it took a long while for folders to appear, but that’s OK.

Second (and more importantly): It was a folder with lots of subfolders and apparently, the files in folders are not being synced until I open that folder. The files are supposed to be in sync but still exist in all my computers, not just in the cloud.

Having the files on some server and trying to access each of them as needed by going into folders is what iDisk did back in the day and that’s why it DIDN’T work. Today, the “cloud drive” idea is different and if iCloud Drive is not going to function that way, sorry Apple, you still have a long way to go to catch Dropbox, even Google Drive.

Note: As a beta user, I already submitted my feedback to Apple but at this stage (a month before the release) this issue is too big to handle. I’m afraid they built the iCloud Drive functionality wrong and it’ll stay that way at the release.

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